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Your face is what you greet the world with and it’s the first thing that people judge you by when they meet you, so if you’re not happy with your face, it can be a source of great discontent. You might be self-conscious about a particular feature which make the face look unbalanced. There are variety of facial reshaping program that can adjust your features to give you the face that you desire.

Facial Reshaping program is a non-surgical procedure for those who desire a slimmer lower face without resorting to surgical procedures.


In a facial contouring procedure, BTA is injected into specific muscles in the lower jawbone that cause masseteric muscle hypertrophy. The relaxed muscles in the lower jawbone will eventually shrink when they are deprived of activity, resulting in a slimmer facial contour.

The onset of results varies between 2 to 4 weeks, with maximum effects observed 3 months after treatment. For a long-lasting result, an additional (booster) shot may be required after the third month. BTA-procedure performed by qualified and trained medical professionals is safe.

While the application of BTA in facial contouring is relatively new, several journal- published research have documented good results, with high patient satisfaction and lasting positive effects from the procedure.




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